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Johnny Slaphandle, the running toilet nightmare.

Once upon a time, there was the tragic tale of 6-year-old “Johnny Slaphandle,” the youngest member of the family. His parents remind him to make sure you use the bathroom before you get in the car, and Johnny, eager for the exciting vacation that awaits his family, quickly uses the bathroom, slaps the handle to flush, and runs out into the car. And off they go, for two weeks! Not knowing they had a running toilet with no visible leak. But what the family isn’t aware of, is that Johnny’s “slap-handle” flush caused the flapper chain in the tank to hang up, and stay up, throughout those 14 days – wasting 6500 gallons of water per day!

It only gets worse. When the family returns home from its vacation, little Johnny is the first to sprint to the bathroom. He slaps the handle again – but this time, the flapper closes properly. Great, right? Well, maybe. True, the toilet now appears to be working correctly, but this means that no one was ever aware of the running toilet!

So, when the water bill comes at the end of the month, the parents are shocked. How could it possibly be hundreds of dollars higher than normal? No one was even in the house for two weeks! Dad checks for a leak with dye tabs: nothing. The plumber comes in, ready to repair, but there isn’t an issue to identify. Mom calls the water company believing “the meter must be broken.” So, the water company performs a water audit: nothing. The family may not have technically used it, but they will still have to pay for every gallon of water that entered and exited their home.

How could this have been prevented? We – especially little Johnny! – can’t always tell when our toilet keeps running with no visible leak and is wasting water. It doesn’t have to be a running toilet with a wide-open flapper, either. Leaking toilets, caused by faulty, old, or simply decaying flappers, can have a similar effect on your bank account over a longer period of time. In any case, toilet mishaps are the number one cause of wasted water in the home. If Johnny Slaphandle continues to stay true to his name, the family’s going to need a viable long-term solution for this dilemma.

So, Mom went onto the internet and began to search for one, typing in “running toilet with no visible leak.” And pretty soon, she found the LeakAlertor®. The LeakAlertor is a smart device that electronically monitors your toilets for leaks, wide-open flappers, and other water wasting problems. In 30 seconds, Johnny’s family was able to install the LeakAlertor, and while the water company takes note of their every move, LeakAlertor does too – it just lets them know a lot faster.

In fact, LeakAlertor alerts you both visually and audibly before you leave the restroom, so even little Johnny is able to notice the alert and go tell mom and dad something’s wrong with the toilet. With LeakAlertor, Johnny’s family now goes on vacation safe from worrying about returning to a nightmare of a water bill from a running toilet with no visible leak.

The End.

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Great device. Bought 2 of these for 2 apartments I have next door after I received a huge water bill ($1,000) caused by a toilet with the flapper wide open (tenant was out of town). Alerted me a couple times already to problems. Just got done replacing a flapper and seal and the unit was still going off. After I determined it was malfunctioning I called the number from the website and was immediately put in touch with Ernie who was very knowledgeable in diagnosing. Incredibly helpful and friendly and he explained how it actually works. After patiently walking through the resetting process it solved the problem and I learned a few tips as well.

Me gusta
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