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The Problem you face isn't just leaking and running toilets;

it's not knowing which toilets are the problem, the cause of the problem,

how severe the problem is, or what it's costing you every day. 

The Solution you need is a system that will identify the exact toilet, with the specific cause, and quantify the water loss, in gallons and dollars,

so you can take action now before your next unexpected high water bill. 

With the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System, 

the Sensor and the Dashboard will make the difference. 

LeakAlertor PRO in Tank

The PRO Node Identifies the Toilet and the Problem

The LeakAlertor PRO Dashboard

The PRO Dashboard Quantifies the Problem and Alerts You

You Won't Need To:

Installation as Easy as 1-2-3

The LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Gateway


Mount the Gateway

The LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Node in toilet tank


Install the Nodes

Leak Events.png


Check the Dashboard

Your System installation is now complete, letting you know
when there's a problem, and exactly what you need to fix. 
No outside contractors needed. 

The LeakAlertor PRO System...

Managing a property comes with plenty of surprises.
High water bills from running toilets doesn't need to be one of them.

Take control of your property, your expenses, and your environmental footprint with the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO. 

Does your property have 50+ toilets on site?
Contact us about our Buy & Try offer.

Achieve positive ROI within 12 months*
- Guaranteed -

Ernie Howard

(877) 532-5253 ext. 105

Coatesville, PA

Ed Whartnaby

*Certain restrictions and conditions apply, please call us.

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