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Buy & Try Offer

You have a problem, but will your investment in the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System be profitable enough, quickly enough? We're confident enough to say yes, and guarantee it.

Getting started only takes a phone call. 

Contact us to discuss your property, determine what equipment would be needed for your system and receive a quote. 

Purchase and install the system for 60 days. We'll provide access to the Dashboard for your property so your team can monitor the system and see which toilets have problems, the severity of the problem and how much those problems are costing your bottom line. 

At the end of the 60 days if we can't show you the annualized cost of the problems we've detected can achieve a positive ROI in 12 months or less, return the system for a refund.*

*Certain restrictions and conditions apply which will be reviewed during our initial discussion and prior to purchase. 

Ernie Howard

(877) 532-5253 ext. 105

Coatesville, PA

Ed Whartnaby

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