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The LeakAlertor 6000

The LeakAlertor 6000 is an inexpensive and easy-to-install device that detects and alerts you to problems each time the toilet is flushed. The LeakAlertor 6000 offers audible and visual alerts when a problem is detected, often times before you leave the bathroom.


  • Installs in seconds – no tools required!

  • Fully automatic – no setup necessary!

  • Works on tank-based toilets!

  • Visual & audible alert systems

  • Replaceable battery

  • Conserves water & saves money

The LeakAlertor 6000 Can Detect

  • Wide-Open/Stuck Flappers (a toilet that keeps running)

  • Leaking Flappers/Flush Valves

  • Faulty Fill Valves

  • Fill Valve Equilibrium (bad flapper + faulty fill valve)

How the LeakAlertor 6000 Works

The rise and fall of water inside the tank is the heartbeat of a toilet. The rate at which the water rises and falls, under varying conditions, determines the health of the toilet. The LeakAlertor is a diagnostic tool used to monitor your toilet’s health. In the simplest terms, the LeakAlertor uses complex mathematical functions to determine when these changes in water height indicate a toilet leak, wide-open flapper, or imminent overflow on any tank-based toilet. The LeakAlertor then alerts the user with simple flashes and beeps.

Wide-Open Flapper Diagram

7 Reasons Why the Flapper Won't Close

Why We Are the Experts

5 Reasons Why Wide-Open Flappers Often Go Undetected

Installing the
LeakAlertor 6000

Installing the LeakAlertor 6000.PNG

The Alerts

Updated LA 6000 Alert Chart.jpg

Testing the LeakAlertor 6000

Life is full of surprises.
High water bills from running toilets
shouldn't be one of them. 

Get more peace of mind and take control of your wallet
with the LeakAlertor 6000.

25+ Years       80+ Trade Secrets       6 Patents

This is the expertise backing the LeakAlertor

Patent# US8704671 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
Patent# US8362907 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
Patent# US8310369 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
Patent# US8166996 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
Patent# US7757708 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
Patent# US20180135285A1 for the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System
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