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Water Leak Detector: Leakalertor Pro 6000

It’s time to talk about the solution. Leaks are the kind of invisible water we can save. The question is, how can we detect them? Here at H2O Connected, we have the answer: the LeakAlertor®. And like all good inventions, the LeakAlertor, Water Leak Detector, has its origin story.

It was late at night, when our lead engineer and co-founder, Eric Canfield, sat down at the kitchen table, about to eagerly enjoy his dinner. And then, he felt the drops trickle onto his head, his neck, and into that steaming beef stew. Toilet water! For the third time in less than two months, one of his three teenage daughters had caused an upstairs toilet overflow. Enough was enough.

It was time to buy a solution. Eric searched high and low and found nothing. Convinced that a product had to exist to solve this problem, he headed to the US Patent Office. And while he found 150 patents related to toilet leaks and overflows, not a single one had resulted in a consumer product, such as a water leak detector.

What to do? As we learned, leaks are a common problem that can cause great damage: both, to the environment and to your water bill. So, Eric did what every inventor has always done: he decided to create his own solution. Partnering with local businesswoman Susan Springsteen, Eric co-founded nth Solutions, LLC, as a catalyst for bringing his idea to life in the form of the LeakAlertor, a water leak detector.

Now in its 6th generation, the LeakAlertor 6000 is the fruit of 22 years of research, 6 issued and pending patents, and numerous trade secrets. It installs in seconds without tools and constantly monitors for leaks, running toilets, and overflows. Most importantly, it alerts you both audibly and visually to the problem before you leave the bathroom – to help you minimize your water footprint.

With the team at nth Solutions, Eric avenged his beef stew and produced an efficient solution for the universal problems of toilet mishaps and leak detection. And ever since then, the LeakAlertor has been helping to find leaks – all week, every week.

So thanks for tuning in this week to investigate the world of leaks and water with us, folks!

We’ve created a coupon code for you: FALW2019. Just visit us at in the next week, buy as many LeakAlertors as you need, and enter the code. We’ll take $5 off each one you order, and the shipping & handling is free (sorry, US orders only)! Save water and money with the LeakAlertor, one leak at a time.

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