Remotely Detecting the Undetectable


Your tenants and guests don't tell you about running toilets because they solved "their" problem by jiggling the handle. But that doesn't solve "your" problem: the resulting high water bill. You need to know which toilets are wasting water. Whether it's running toilets, overflows, leaks, faulty fill valves, or overly generous flush volumes, the wireless LeakAlertor Pro System has got you covered. 


The LeakAlertor Pro System...

IDENTIFIES overflows and running toilets with immediate text and e-mail alerts. Rapid email notification when flappers and fill valves are wasting water and need replacement.

REDUCES water and sewer costs by decreasing unintended water loss due to running toilets, leaks.  The “Flush Volume Optimization” feature starts the savings on Day #1.

PROVIDES  data integrity and reliability with an innovative Gateway that connects to AWS Core servers using Wi-Fi or GSM.  The Gateway battery back-up ensures continuous operation for up to 6 hours during power outages.

STREAMLINES maintenance workflow by identifying the specific toilet hardware that requires replacement.  The Dashboard and prioritized email work orders allow the biggest water loss problems to be addressed first.

INSTALLS  easily in less than 30 seconds and automatically connects to the system when placed in the toilet tank.  No app, laptop, computer, or tools required.


In addition to emails and text messages, the Pro’s LED’s will flash different color codes to indicate the action that needs to be taken.