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Automatically Detecting the Previously Undetectable

H2O Connected is excited to announce its alliance with -GAIN- (Growth Advisors International Network) a leading travel and hospitality innovation and growth advisory firm. With the definitive and quantifiable water-saving success hotels have realized installing our The LeakAlertor Wireless PRO, it made perfect sense to align with GAIN as an integral part of our growth strategy. We have already hit the ground running!

No Other Product or System Currently on the Market Accurately
Toilet Water Loss in Gallons and Dollars Wasted. 

The only way to accurately and reliably detect and measure water loss from

running toilets, leaking flappers, faulty fill valves, incorrect float heights, and other problems,

is to measure the water height changes over time, from inside the toilet tank.

You need a sensor that can do more than simply measure water flow...

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The Sensor Is the Difference

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And, this Property Manager can tell you the difference in her own words


Thank you to all our customers who've placed their trust in us and the LeakAlertor PRO. We will continue to work hard earning and keeping that trust everyday. 

Jen Ruelens  | ONE FOCUS Property Management

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