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Partnering with utility companies and agencies to help reduce

Customer Service stress and Customer frustration over unexpected high water bills. 

Water Conservation Instant Rebate Programs

LeakAlertor 6000

For Residential/Small Businesses

(Instant Rebate at purchase)

  • No cost to the Utility

  • All fulfillment and support is handled by H2O Connected

  • H2O Connected provides a unique coupon code for the Utility's customers

  • Coupon is valid for $5.00 off every LeakAlertor 6000 purchased through the website (not valid on Amazon orders)

  • Quarterly fulfillment report sent to the Utility

  • Included as part of the Utility's rebate offerings

  • Utility has the option to add additional funds to the offer

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO

 For Multi-Family, Hospitality, etc.

(Instant Rebate against equipment cost)

  • No cost to the Utility

  • $5.00 instant rebate on every Node purchased by customer (Minimum 50 Piece Order) 

  • Quarterly fulfillment report sent to the Utility

  • Included as part of the Utility's rebate offerings

  • Utility has the option to add additional funds to the offer

The Spiral

Don't let frustration with an unexpected high water bill spiral out of control.

The Solution

Everyone wants an easy, quick solution to avoid the downward spiral of increasingly frustrating calls. 

When a customer calls about an unexpected high water bill, customer service can offer the LeakAlertor 6000 as the quick actionable solution to your customers' problem.


Your customers will use the LeakAlertor 6000 to know when they have a water wasting problem, before their next high water bill. 

LeakAlertor 6000

  • Installs in seconds – no tools required!

  • Fully automatic – no setup necessary!

  • Works on tank-based toilets!

  • Visual & audible alert systems

  • Replaceable battery

  • Conserves water & saves money

Detects and Alerts for:

  • Running Toilets- the #1 water waster

  • Leaking Flappers

  • Faulty Fill Valves

  • Fill Valve Equilibrium

LeakAlertor 6000
Fulfillment Submission Form


Please use this page to order a complimentary LeakAlertor 6000

for customers calling about a high water bill for which you can not identify a cause.

Thanks for submitting!

The customer will receive their LeakAlertor 6000 in about

7-10 business days.

Customer Service Fulfillment Options

Option #1: Utility Self-Fulfillment

  • Agency purchases LeakAlertor 6000

  • All fulfillment and administration handled by the Agency

  • Inventory stored at the Agency's Location

  • This option carries the lowest purchase price for the LeakAlertor 6000

Option #2: H2O Connected Fulfillment

  • All fulfillment and administration handled by H20 Connected

  • Utility's Customer Service uses a dedicated web page to request fulfillment (see below)

  • No inventory to warehouse

  • No shipping or handling expenses for the Utility

  • Pre-formatted talking points for Customer Service to address simple questions

  • Pre-purchase a fixed quantity (discounts for higher volumes)​​

Getting the LeakAlertor 6000 to your customers

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