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The LeakAlertor is a smart device that electronically monitors your toilets for leaks, imminent overflows, and other water wasting problems. The LeakAlertor alerts you both visually and audibly to toilet overflows, leaking flappers, or stuck wide-open flapper/flush valves BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE BATHROOM.


**Website orders ship to the United States ONLY**

For all other Countries, Puerto Rico, and US Territories; please use to place an order. You can find us on Amazon by searching “LeakAlertor 6000”.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

LeakAlertor 6000

SKU: 8 51407 00232 2
    • Three (3) Year Warranty
    • Smart Device for Running and/or Leaking Toilet Leak Dection
    • Visual and Audible Alert Systems
    • Installs in Seconds- No Tools or Set-Up Necessary-Fully Automatic
    • Comes with a replaceable CR 2032 battery. (One Year Battery Warranty) 
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