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Welcome to the mini-PRO Survey

Information coming soon about mini-PRO

Please fill out our survey on the mini-PRO 

1.) I am interested in the mini-PRO for my:
3.) Number of Toilets total:
4.) Have you ever experienced an unexpected high water bill?
5.) The unexpected high water bill was caused by:
6.) What type of toilets does your location have?
7.) How far away are you located from the properties to be monitored by the mini-PRO?
Less than a 30 minute drive
A 30-90 minute drive
More than a 90 minute drive
8.) Do you have, or would you be willing to install, internet service at each location for the purpose of connecting the Gateway?
9.) Repairs would be conducted by:
10.) The time frame in which I would expect to replace a flapper or fill valve, or make necessary repairs:
By the weekend
Within two weeks
Within the month
Not sure
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