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The Wireless LeakAlertor PRO System

Maximize Profits, Not Wasted Water

If you answer "NO" to more than two of these questions then you need a solution.

I know exactly which toilets are leaking & running.


YES  _____        NO   _____

I know exactly how much water is being wasted by leaking & running toilets. 

YES  _____        NO   _____

I have a disciplined preventative maintenance program in place.

YES  _____        NO   _____

I know instantly when a toilet is running or leaking.


YES   _____        NO   _____

I am confident that all toilets use no more than  1.6-1.8 gallons per flush (gpf).


YES  _____        NO   _____

When toilets are running or leaking all tenants always notice and call me.

YES  _____        NO   _____

Maintenance personnel can locate, properly diagnose, bring the proper parts, and make repairs to fix leaks in a single trip to the bathroom.

YES  _____        NO   _____


The LeakAlertor PRO System is that solution

How the LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System Works



  • Simple, Fast, No-Tools Installation

  • Intuitive Dashboard

  • No Wi-Fi or Internet Required

  • Save $$$ and Increase NOI on Day #1

  • Accurate Data on Every Toilet

  • 6 Patents, 80+ Trade Secrets

  • USA-based Live Customer Service

The LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Dashboard

The PRO Dashboard provides Property Management and Hospitality a cloud-based experience accessible from any web-connected device. No complicated user setup or input is required during installation. Users can add, edit, or delete new contacts for receiving alerts. 

The Dashboard Includes:

Accurate Water Usage by Toilet and Property

  • Total Flushes (Intentional Usage) + Water Volume per Flush for Each Toilet.

  • Leaks, Running Toilets, etc. (Unintentional Usage)

Instant Notification of Excessive Water Loss Events

  • Running Toilets and Possible Overflows

  • Text Message Notifications

Ongoing Water Loss Events

  • Leaking Flappers, Faulty Fill Valves, etc.

Plus Many More Features

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System Dashboard. Click for a link to see the Dashboard

Contact us for log-in information to see the Dashboard with live, real-time data.

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Nodes

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO System Node

Detects and Accurately Measures

  • Running Toilets

  • Leaking Toilets

  • Faulty Fill Valves

Wirelessly Communicates Directly to AWS Core Servers

5+ Years Battery Life

Installs in Seconds without Tools:

  1. Remove the Toilet Tank Lid

  2. Place the Wireless PRO Node inside the Toilet Tank

  3. Replace the Tank Lid

  4. Connects to the Cloud Automatically - No User Set-Up Required

Automatically Connects with the Strongest Signal from over 500 Global Data Carriers

          No User Set-Up Required

Communicates with Wireless PRO Units and AWS Core Servers Automatically

Mounts on Most Walls in Minutes Using Only a Screwdriver

AC Powered + Battery Back-Up

Mounted Gateway (not extended).jpg

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Gateway

Repeater on Wall (no power supply).jpg

Connects Distant Wireless PRO Units to the Gateway

AC Powered + Battery Back-Up

No User Set-Up Required

(Repeaters are not needed in every installation)

LeakAlertor Wireless PRO Repeaters

25+ Years Experience 

70+ Trade Secrets

6 Patents

The Expertise Backing the LeakAlertor

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