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About Us

In 2019, H2O Connected spun off from nth Solutions, LLC to form the first Qualified Opportunity Zone business in Chester County, Pennsylvania. H2O Connected retained its legacy team of professionals to continue manufacturing and supporting all of its water-saving and water-damage prevention products.

The company’s products are manufactured in the U.S. at the company’s headquarters in Coatesville, PA. We are currently growing an impressive list of top distributors and have renovated an historical property in downtown Coatesville  to serve as our new headquarters and manufacturing center.

H2O Connected is known for reliable products and world-class service. 

“Who gets a thrill from hearing a toilet leak alarm, uh I do, and you will too :) !!!

It went off today and I gleefully skipped to the toilet only to discover the flapper wasn't making a good seal and just needed re-seating. These detectors are stupid easy to install, thoughtfully designed, and are inexpensive. They also quietly blink green when the toilet is flushed, reminding you that they're doing their job.


Water is an expensive resource. There are many ways to flush your money down the drain, this isn't one of them.”

-Jeff H on Amazon



“These are a really great way to easily monitor toilets and silent leaks. I had a question and customer service was beyond excellent. You won’t be disappointed in purchasing these!”

- Heidi H on Amazon



“I purchased two of these units and had an issue with one. Customer service was amazing and was quick to resolve problem. Highly recommend!”

-Loumarjr on Amazon


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190 West Lincoln Highway

Coatesville, PA 19320

Tel: (877) 532-5253

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